Sunday, July 6, 2014

Wander: Lexington Avenue

Ten Ways the Upper East Side
Is Different From the Lower East Side
I have started a new project. I am going to do "Wanders" around neighborhoods in New York City as often as once a week (optimistic) or as often as I can (realistic). Today I wandered to the Upper East Side, specifically, Lexington Avenue, starting at 68th Street.

The purpose of these wanders is to gather material for Femme et Fleur, and thus to entertain and edify you, dear readers. But of course, this is discovery for me as well. Not to mention that I get to spend time by myself and let my dear husband have his much-needed space. I am always thinking of him, you know. And if the odd, beckoning boutique pops up in one of these zones, well, so much the better, don't you agree?

I discovered that the upper reaches of Lexington Avenue are quite delightful, especially on a weekend Sunday morning. There was not a car in sight, hardly any people, and it was a clear, cool morning. I wandered unmolested with camera in tow, happily luxuriating in Me Time.
My wander begins ...
Here, in no particular order of priority,
are the ten ways the Upper East Side
differs from my home turf, the Lower East Side.

No. One: Classic Coffee Shops
and Outdoor Cafes
How delightful.
One surfaces from the subway to find a welcoming coffee shop...
or, an outdoor cafe.
It's like Paris, so civilized.
No. Two: Service Entrances
If one is getting one's dry cleaning delivered,
perhaps one needs a service entrance.
On the Upper East Side, people get
flowers delivered from Fresh Direct,
and they need a service entrance for that.
No. Three: Townhouses and Gas Lamps

An Upper East Side gas lamp.
On the Lower East Side, we have gas leaks.
No. Four: Bespoke Clothiers
Your corduroys and Harris tweeds properly made.
No. Five: Quaint Barber Shops
Generations of the Upper Crust
have had their crusts trimmed here.
No. Six: Shoe Repair for Louboutins
Upper East Side: Louboutin Red Soles
Lower East Side: Orthopedic Oxfords
No. Seven: Fancy Stores
 The Roberta Freymann Shop
Tunics and ethnic things for vacations on St. Barts.

 Expensive gewgaws and giant ceramic shells.

 A pretty paper shop.
Handmade silk ties from Japan.
No. Eight: Stores with French Names

No. Nine: Restaurants Are Called Clubs
No. Ten: Beautiful Pastry Shops with Pretty
Little Girls Enjoying Strawberry Tarts

I took home some pastries home for Richard. 
and with ladies dressed in vibrant patterns and colors.

No. Eleven: The Odd, Beckoning Boutique

Malia Mills. It's not at all odd, but it did beckon.
I bought a black bathing costume
and a gauzy black cover-up for
Orient, Long Island later this month.

Wearing my new blouse from Malia Mills
and hat and beads of my own making.

Hope you enjoyed my first wander.
À Bientôt!


  1. With pleasure!

  2. If you make it over to my neck of the woods, I hope you'll pop over for a restoring cup of tea! Best. Elisabeth with an S....

    1. Thanks, Elisabeth. I will keep that in mind.

  3. Yes, I loved wandering with you. One of the finest enjoyments in life. Especially since I've never been to your city. Can't wait for the next one!

  4. Hi Joni,
    Thanks for your nice comment. I just entered my email for your blog, The Artful Closet. I like that maxi that you cut down. Hope you do come to NYC some day. Let me know if you do.

  5. Your wandering post was just the lift I needed in the middle of the work afternoon. Thank you!

  6. Wandering with you is a pleasure! Each photo is a treasure. And you are stunning in your hat and beads!