Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lazy Girl Blog, Epidsode 12, Season 1, A NetChick Original

Shopping for Wine and Antiques
On the North Fork
North Found &Co.
You may be sure that "Shop Hound," (thank you Vogue of the 1950s) has a nose for the unique and stylish. On a recent rainy day we visited North Found, a Vintage General Store, situated on a quiet stretch of Peconic Lane in Peconic, Long Island. Owners, Hadley Wiggins and Daniele Marin have an eye for unusual treasures. Their shop holds an ecletic blend of items old and new -- among the new are Spanish espardrilles and Italian sunglasses and among the old is a pourpori of furniture, lamps and rusted objets perfect for placement in your chic summer abode.
 Co-owner, Hadley Wiggins

 I loved this miniature men's felt fedora
 and hatbox, originally a salesman's sample.
Taking a selfie among the objets.
 Examples of "Farmhouse Chic" with dried Hydrangeas.
A hankie with flags of the world.
Can you identify them?
A life-sized felt fedora.
Sherwood House Vineyards &
Material Objects
There are enough vineyards on the North Fork to keep you soused for weeks. A favorite pasttime is going to tasting rooms for little nips of delicious wine. We did this yesterday, at Sherwood House Vineyards. It's a charming set-up and we tasted two wonderful  wines, while Barbara Smithen, an owner, told us stories.
Barbara Smithen, owner of Sherwood House Vineyards.
She told us that she had attended Bennett College, whose
motto was, "A ring in the Spring, or your money back."
 A fabulous photo of the Hialeah Racetrack in Miami, 1933.
over the fireplace in the tasting room.
 Medals collected by Sherwood House Vineyards.
Bottles look good displayed in this old rack.
Sherwood House has a French winemaker,
Giles Martin.
Attached to the tasting room is
an antique emporium called Material Objects.
The esthetic is oversized,
strange objets.
Like these giant balls.

 They have some fabulous chandeliers.

A small submarine. Too big for a tub, but
just right for a pond.

Finally, this lovely jeune fille lives in France.
The photo is  by Jeanne Markel,
who just returned from Bordeaux, France.

À Bientôt, Mes Amis!


  1. A feast for the eyes and what could be better than antiques and wine!

  2. Vous avez passé une très belle Journée avec le brocante et le vin. Cet automne je vais visiter NYC et j'ai hâte de voir les petits villages de Long Island.