Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lazy Girl Blog, Episode 11, Season 1, A NetChick Original

Andy! Julie! Sienna!
Yesterday, our friends Andy, Julie and Sienna Hornberger came to visit. Andy, who graduated from Tyler School of Art, is an artist and teaches art in Brooklyn, Julie is a web designer and Sienna is starting first grade in the fall.

This little family has seen some hard times and heart ache due to Hurricane Sandy. Their house in Long Beach, Long Island, was badly damaged during the storm. They decided to tear in down and start over. The new house, which is bigger than the original, will be finished in several months. It will be built with a garage on the street level which is 9 feet high -- which will not only insure that water will not reach the living area again, but also will afford Andy a studio space for his painting.
After a lunch at our house, we went to the local
Orient ice cream parlour, The Idle Hour.
Andy and Richard clown for the camera.

 Sienna is ready for ice cream!

What kind of sprinkles do you want on your ice cream cone?
Julie, Andy and Sienna Hornberger.
Who loves ice cream more,
Sienna or Richard?
Rosie makes my mint-chocolate chip cone.
Then we went to the beach for swimming.
Richard relaxed under an umbrella.
Vite, quelqu'on appelle
The Audobon Society.
C'est un oiseau français,
très rare.
No, it's a birthday gift for Richard
from the Hornbergers!
It was great to see you Andy, Julie and Sienna!

À demain, mes amis.

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