Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lazy Girl Blog, Episode 6, Season 1, A NetChick Original

Pals and Paella
College girlfriends, Tobi Barclay and Harriette Terbell arrived today, along with Harriette's husband Joe. I met Tobi at the Hampton Jitney, Joe arrived shortly thereafter, and Harriette arrived from Washington, D.C. at 6:30.

Tonight's dinner was Paella, the traditional Spanish rice and seafood dish. Tobi brought many of the ingredients, including chorizo sausage that she brought back from Spain and her paella pan.
Some of the ingredients for Paella.
Tobi found the baby artichokes at Eli Zabar in the city.
We'll have them tomorrow.
I got the purple pepper at Latham's Farm Stand.
 Tobi brought me this paper doll that she got in Guernsey.
We went to the Southold Fish Market for the seafood.
The market is in temporary quarters in this trailer while the market renovates.
It doesn't look like much, but trust me, the seafood is top-notch.
 We bought clams and mussels.

This striped bass was excellent.
We may have it for dinner tomorrow night.
 Tobi brought chicken thighs and put a special rub on them.
 Sauteing the Chorizo sausage.
 Sauteing the chicken.
 Richard sets the table.
 Zinnias from Latham's.
 Beginning the Saffron Rice.
The final product. It was delicious. 

See you tomorrow!