Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lazy Girl Blog, Epidsode 12, Season 1, A NetChick Original

Greasy Grime in a
Hoarder's House
Markel Estate Liquidators, or MEL, is my brother David's company. David is cleaning out a house to ready it for a sale this Saturday in Mattituck. My sister, Jeanne, wrangled us a preview and yesterday, we drove to Mattituck in search of the big "Find."

Dave in the farmhouse kitchen, cleaning items for sale.
Richard sits outside while Jeanne and I are on the prowl inside.
The house is a cute little Hansel and Gretel farmhouse on the Main Road in Mattituck. It's on .41 acres and borders a vineyard. Built in 1900, it's for sale for $189,000 by Andrew Stype Realty.
The woman who lived here was a hoarder, so the house is stuffed with things. There's also a layer of greasy grime on everything, so you feel slightly queasy going through rooms. She obviously loved Scottie dogs.

 And she was an Anglophile.
 Jeanne displays two Scotties.

 Some seascapes.

 An adorable window feature in an upstair's bedroom.
 Yes, another Scottie.
David emerging from a closet in the master bedroom,
which has a fireplace.
 Two paintings, maybe by the owner.
 Scottie music box.
Our stash.
Jeanne got the gloves, SFA tag still affixed, 
and the gold jewelry for a Bollywood party that she is attending.
I got the crystal necklace with a magnetic clasp.
Dave charged Jeanne $10 for the lot.
I was having a dinner party for the family that evening,
 and I had no business
being out on a house sale adventure, but who could resist.
Besides, everything was planned.
On the way back from the sale, we stopped at
Wickam's fruit stand, home of the best peaches
in the world.
 I bought some of these potatoes for my
 Jacques Pepin French Potato Salad.
Nephew Jack Wedge and niece, Samantha Payne Markel
at the dinner.
The pièce de résistance of the dinner were the dessert.
I made profiteroles with vanilla ice cream and
Dulce de Leche with Chocolate from Argentina poured over the pastry. 
Jeanne in the late evening sunset with my French-themed bouquet.

À Bientôt, jusqu'à demain!


  1. Great stash! Nothing like hunting for treasures at an estate sale.