Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lazy Girl Blog, Episode 5, Season 1, A NetChick Original

If I'm Not Here,
I'm Somewhere Else
My brother, David Markel, is an artist and a thespian. He also has a business called Markel Estate Liquidators or MEL. He works out of a big barn on Horton's Lane in Southold, Long Island. This Saturday, August 10 at 8 AM, David is holding a "Whatever Comes Out the Door Tag Sale" at his barn. This will be followed by a "Whatever Comes Out the Door Auction By Request" at noon.
Dave Markel and Susan Markel outside Dave's barn.

 Miscellaneous signage on the side of the barn.
Melvin Laird graffiti on the side of the barn.
David painted this perhaps as a
political statement.
How many people know that Melvin Laird was a U.S.
Congressman from Wisconsin and 
Secretary of Defense under Richard Nixon
during the Vietnam War.
Dave painted this found object bust to look like Ronald Reagan. 
I think that he captured the spaced-out 
Great Communicator quality perfectly.
 A naive style painting from an house clean-out.
 A great sign.
This is one of David's big paintings. 
His style is original and eccentric.
 A scenic backdrop in the barn.
 Our father, Sam Markel, made the letters. 
 A fantastic sculpture by Bennett Blackburn of Peconic.
A clown bank.
 Three small paintings by David.
 The Giant Head sculpture by David

 Paintings in the barn by David.
 His palette
 David also makes assemblages out of found objects.
 He has set up a Sculpture Park next to his barn.

If you are in the area this Saturday, please stop by the Landing
on Horton's Lane, Southold.

Because if you want to know Dave's hours,

He's always here unless he's somewhere else!

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