Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lazy Girl Blog, Episode 3, Season 1, a NetChick Original

Meet Me at the Heirloom Tomato Bar
We got all gussied up last night for the Orient Social Event of the Season: The Oysterponds Historical Society Summer Benefit. Everyone looked swell. Richard and I arrived at the entrance to Poquatuck Park and hitched a ride on a golf cart with Dick Gillooly, the VP of Operations of the Society.
My invitation artwork made in to fans at the ticket
pick-up table.
I donated this collage for the Silent Action.
Thankfully, it got some bids.
There was also an "Experience" Auction.
My sister, Jeanne, and brother-in-law, Chris,
donated this ride on Chris's yawl.
This was a creative auction. Other experiences were:
*Hunting for mid-century modern treasures with expert collectors Jesse and Mark Gordon.
*Create and name your own sandwich at the Orient Country Store.
*For Kids: A mystery dinner for 5, followed by a rocket launch!
Lovely Elizabeth Gordon, OHS President
 Jeanne Markel, Susan Markel and Chris Wedge
David Markel and Heather Cusack
 The Heirloom Tomato Bar
provided by Sang Lee Farms
 Shrimp, clams and oysters at the raw bar.
 Roasted Beet cones
 Libations en plein air.
 Guests enjoying the late afternoon sun.
Douglas Gray and Leslie Koch.
Douglas produces theater, and Leslie runs
 Governors Island for Mayor Bloomberg.
Douglas gave me his very cool green, neon sunglasses.
A guest channeling Picasso, Le Corbusier 
and Philip Johnson.
 Leaving the party at dusk.
 A preferred mode of transport. Fancy Bikes, Incorporated.
Richard leaving the party assisted by
my brother-in-law, Richard Jahnke.

À demain, mes amis.


  1. Wonderful dream of a summer party! I couldn't have attended--everyone is too beautiful, I wouldn't make the cut! I am a fan of your delightful "Femme et Fleur" blog, and your appearance on Advanced Style. Last year my husband and I went to Paris, and we found Richard's shirt store. My husband bough several beauties, which we now call his Richard Shirts. We BOTH learn from your blog. Much love, and I hope Richard's health continues to improve. -Linda

  2. Dear Linda,
    This is the best comment anyone ever put on my blog. Thank you! I am sure you would have been welcomed at the party. It is so touching that you found the Coton Doux shirts in Paris, and now call them after Richard Shirts-- and thank you for your good wishes for Richard's health, which gets better every day.