Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lazy Girl Blog, Episode 8, Season 1, A NetChick Original

The Lindy Spirit & Sister Time
A breeze blew in yesterday, a sprite, a spirit, in the form of Lindy Lyman, a woman I have not seen since 1966. Lindy was a friend at Elmira College and Richard's student. Lindy always stood out because she was impossibly cute and chic with her Louise Brooks haircut, and such a committed artist at an early age.

Lindy is an artist of multiple talents: painting, sculpture, drawing, etc. etc. She has been living in Denver, Colorado for 40 years. She and her husband have now moved to Maine. They were spending time on the South Fork and were heading back to New England on the Cross Island Ferry, and stopped by to see us on their way.

What a lovely thrill to see Lindy again. But the visit was all too short.
 Lindy is every bit as delightful as this picture suggests.

Ah the clarity of the moment after almost 50 years.
We are all older but our spirit remains.
Artists Forever.
Sister Time
One must spend time with one's sisters. Today, my sister, Susan, and I spent the day having lunch and shopping in Southampton, Long Island. To the South Fork we went, the tony, sterling silver Fork, from the laid back, sleepy, undiscovered OTHER FORK to the Hamptons. Cue the brassy Queens' ladies transformed to Southampton dames. Cue the rich and famous. Cue those who ask for a wine menu only for lunch.

We dined at Silvers and had a good lunch of lobster roll and salade de Provence. All quite good.

The shopping. First stop, Henry Lehr, an emporium that used to be in Soho. In the olden days I purchased great cotton draw string pants there. But, alas, no more. Only tight fitting jeans and and ill-fitting, low-rise pants. However, there was a sale on -- end of season, you know, and I snagged a Pas de Calais black cotton dress perfect for spinning the cycle wheels through the village on a pre-dinner ride at sunset. Also, a wonderful dark blue tee -- very sophisticated.

At Henry Lehr
Susan bought a pink tee at Henry Lehr.
Many stores had spiffy bikes parked outside.
The icon du jour.
 Strolling les rue de Southampton
I spied Souleiado, the
marvelous French brand.
And I just happened to be wearing a
Souleiado tunique that I bought in Paris.
Souleiado has been a fixture in Provence, France
since 1806. 
 The look is country chic, with breathtaking
cotton prints, many floral.
 A patchwork skirt perfect for Marie Antoinette
in her milk maid mode.
I got this shirt for Richard's 81st birthday.
August 14.
Bon Anniversaire, Richard.
 We stopped in this shop, bien sûr,
and I spoke French with the sales lady.
I also got to speak French with the lovely,
young lady in Souleiado.
Do you know Tate's cookies?
It's based in Southampton.
 We got a Coconut Cupcake....
 But this Mostess Cupcake was incroyable!

Strangely enough, I could not resist this tiny
table and chairs at Simply French,
although it is Simply Americain.
A little surreal touch at the end of the day.

À demain, mes amis!


  1. Je suis contente quand j'ai l'occasion de parler français avec des gens dans les boutiques. I love to find a bit of France close to home. It looks as though you had a great time with your sister. I used to pass the Souleiado boutique in Paris and the colours were so cheerful.

  2. I love these pix! You ladies look like you're having so much fun. And those cupcakes!