Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lazy Girl Blog, Episode 14, Season 1, A Net Chick Original

Yard Saling
Out here on the North Fork, going to tag sales in a yard is called Yard Saling. Yard sales are held on Saturday mornings and usually start at 8 AM with strict prohibitions against "Early Birds." People pull up on the side of the road, park willy nilly, leap from their cars and run to the yard sale. You may harbor equally useless junk in your own house, but the the siren's call of someone else's useless junk is irresistible

Jeanne and I attended a multiple-person Yard Sale last
Saturday morning in Orient.
Styling your yard sale is very important.

Like labeling your couch "Funky."

I picked up this dress at the sale for $5.00
The woman had worn it once to a wedding.
Here I am with Fern, who clearly wished she had found the dress first.
I'd say that's a pretty successful
yard sale purchase.

À Bientôt!

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