Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lazy Girl Blog, Episode 9, Season 1, A Net Chick Original

Bon Anniversaire, Richard
On August 14, 1932, a baby was born to Mildred and Joe Cramer in Appleton, Wisconsin. That baby is now 81 years old. Yesterday, we celebrated his birthday.

The baby grew up to go to art school (Layton School of Art), and the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and Madison. After accumulating his university degrees, Richard began teaching at Elmira College, where I met him. After four years at Elmira, he became a professor at Temple University's
prestigious Tyler School of Art, where he remained for 37 years.

Now Richard is retired, but continues to produce wonderful art in his New York City studio. We wish you many happy returns of the day, Ricardo!

 Richard modeling his Souleiado shirt
 that I got him for his birthday.
 Left to right: Dianna Cramer, Michael Miller,
 Richard, Carol and Richard Cramer
in front of Noah's restaurant, Greenport, Long Island.
Celebrating with a local wine from Bedell Vineyards.
Label by Eric Fischl
 Michael and Dianna.
Happy Birthday, Honey.

Et À Bientôt, Mes Amis!

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