Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lazy Girl Blog, Episode 13, Season 1, A NetChick Original

Le Sac Orange et La Maison Blanche
When we were kids spending summers at our cottage in Southold, trips to nearby Greenport were frequent and fun. A Greenport fixture since 1880, was Wm. J. Mills & Co. sailmakers on the corner of Front and Main Streets. My sister, Susan, purchased a Mills tote bag way back then, and she still has it. In the olden days, in was not considered a chic accessory, but simply a strong, canvas tote for hauling things, usually to and from your boat. Today, Wm. J. Mills & Co. has been discovered by the likes of editors from Vogue and is more likely to hold a bikini and sunscreen and be hauled to and from the jitney.

We made a stop at the new Mills' showroom on Route 25, and I purchased a small, orange tote. Now it is my go-to bag on the North Fork and Manhattan. Love that it's got the big white logo advertising the brand. Shop Hound knows where to go. Bow Wow!
My new sac orange from
 Wm. J. Mills & Co. of Greenport

La Maison Blanche
La vie est belle dans la fourchette de Nord. Friday night Richard, Jeanne and I took the ferry to Shelter Island to dine at La Maison Blanche, a hotel and restaurant.
 Richard and me at La Maison Blanche.
Jeanne in her Suno blouse and
Jane Birkin-style market bag.
An outdoor table near the Hydrangeas.
 The house rosé wine.
 We dined in the gazebo.
La Maison Blanche is the perfect venue to present a gift from France. Jeanne was recently in Bordeaux, France to attend the birthday party of a friend. She is a thoughtful sister who brings lovely gifts back from her travels. This was one she brought for me. There is a little plastic chapeau adorning the wrapping. Can you guess what is inside?
Un cadeau from the Mercerie Ambulante.
A mercerie sells ribbons and sewing notions.
The Ambulante part means that it travels to a
different market each day of the week.
The delightful contents of the Mercerie bag.
Fastened by a vendeuse in France.
 The green package held Espadrilles! Je l'adore.
Merci, Jeanne.

 The pétanque courts at La Maison Blanche.
The three of us in a photo by
a kind tourist from California.
 The ferry home.

À Bientôt!