Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lazy Girl Blog, Episode 7, Season 1, A Netchick Original

A Slice of Heaven and A Slice of Pie
Join me on a Sunday morning at the Orient Country Store on Village Lane in Orient. The sky is azure blue, the air has a slight chill to it, and the Orient Methodist Church is ready to receive walk-ins for the morning worship. Richard and I have been walking to the store for our morning constitutional each day.  Past the crisp white houses with gingerbread trim on their porches, the Orient Post Office and the Idle Hour ice cream parlor we walk, knowing that we will reach a magic enterprise that time has most agreeably forgotten.

This Sunday morning we walked with Richard's family: Dianna, his daughter, Michael Miller, son-in-law, and Richard, his son who are visiting from the Midwest. Today, the home-made baked goods were so enticing. I spied a peach and custard pie, baked by co-owner, Miriam Foster, right away.
We sat at table in the back of the store,
 near the deli counter and the refrigerated case.
Richard enjoying his pie
at the Orient Country Store
 Dianna is thrilled to be at The Orient Country Store.
Joe from Orient used to be our oil burner man
when we owned a house in Greenport.
 There are many unique signs, images and items at the store.
 An extra seat when all the chairs are taken.
 We played Parcheesi as kids.
You need Town Bags
to bag your garbage,
so get 'em here.
Miriam Foster and her husband, Grayson Murphy
are co-owners of the store.
Miriam bakes all the luscious cookies,
muffins and brownies.

Forget your diet, ye who enter here.
 The old-fashioned candy case.
 Pick up grocery items too.
I guess this coffee is cold.
 Advertise your business here.

Looks like wallets and some kind of bar in the
same box.
 They have very good taste in art.
A neat way to display pencils.
I should buy one to do the Sunday NY Times Crossword.
Or get an erasable pen like my sister, Jeanne.
 Yes, an interesting mix of merchandise.
 Sit on the front porch and read your book.
 Morning glories on a telephone pole outside the store.
 Waiting for my owners. When will they be back?
The Cramer Family.
Dianna, Richard and Michael
brought us this beautiful bouquet.

So happy you joined us
for this sojourn
at the
Orient Country Store.


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