Monday, August 5, 2013

Lazy Girl Blog, Episode 4, Season 1, A NetChick Original

The Beautiful People
We have our little slice of the French Riviera right here on the North Fork which comes complete with Beautiful People speaking foreign languages. That slice is called Sunset Beach.

Hotelier, André Balazs discovered a run-down motel on Shelter Island and turned it in to a nexus of hip. André was married to Katie Ford, CEO of the Ford Modeling Agency, and the couple had a house on Shelter Island. Thus, he had entry to the secrets of Sunset Beach.
Sunset Beach Motel today
After doing errands in the morning, Richard, Susan and I
took the North Ferry from Greenport to Shelter Island.
We were headed to the restaurant at Sunset Beach for lunch.
 This beach is called Crescent Beach and sits across from motel
which is called Sunset Beach.

 Richard ordered oysters.
I ordered a chicken paillard and green salad.
Today there happened to be a Bocce ball tournament
sponsored by Veuve Clicquot in the Sunset Beach parking lot.
In France, it's called Pétanque
 The Pétanque courts
The champagne was flowing freely.
You could get a Bocce Ball Buzz.
I love that Veuve Clicquot yellow.
But even the Beautiful People have to go.

Bonne Journée Mes Amis

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